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It’s Just One of Those Days… June 19, 2013

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It’s just one of those days… I’m not going to quote Limp Bizkit here, but I would if the song I’m thinking of wasn’t laden with such colorful language. The gist is that it’s just one of those days where things go wrong, people get on your nerves, and you want to break stuff! OK, I never actually have the desire to break stuff. It’s just not how I get angry, but I’m paraphrasing the song for my audience who isn’t familiar with the musical “talents” of Limp Bizkit.

The great thing about not having my life today turn out like some ridiculous song by a mediocre band from the 90’s and early 2000’s is that God was in control of my day. I know that sounds simplistic, perhaps cliché, but it was so obvious to me today when I guess it’s apparently not so obvious to me otherwise. Sometimes the simplest of concepts like ‘God is in control’, ones we teach children at VBS, don’t even make sense to grown adults until it slaps you in the face. And then you think, ‘Duh! I should know this by now.’ I had the most horrendous afternoon but then I went and did my preschool class with the little ones. I almost didn’t because we have a team here and I know how much the kids love being able to play with new people. But I will selfishly state right here, right now that I’m glad I stole some time away with them this afternoon because we just had the best time. My sweet angel babies wipe away the nonsense that gets in the way of the true value of life sometimes. We sang songs and then read one of our stories about the five little monkeys. They don’t always listen that well when we do stories, after all, they are still quite young and things easily distract them. They hung on every word today though, so excited with every passing page. Not to brag, but I think my storytelling skills may also be improving!

After that all too short of a break from the madness of the day, I really wanted to just go upstairs and relax for a bit by myself. That lasted probably eight minutes. Someone knocked on my bedroom door and told me Valeria was here to see me. She came in and sat with me for a while. She didn’t have homework to do so we just got to spend some time together and relax. We talked and talked and talked. Her English is getting so good, it’s scary. Within minutes, I forgot I ever wanted to be alone. Then Valeria’s mom came in, and there we all were in my bedroom hanging out. We took silly pictures with Mack, tried to teach him a new trick to no avail, talked about summer vacation coming up, and laughed over the silliest of things. We were having such fun that we lost track of time. The team was half way through dinner downstairs before I even realized I needed to get down there. And in that moment, I couldn’t have cared less about my dinner!

The one semi-decent picture of the 3 of us, if only Mack would cooperate and look at the camera!

The one semi-decent picture of the 3 of us, if only Mack would cooperate and look at the camera!

Trying to get a good photo

Trying to get a good photo… impossible!


Thank God I don’t always get to do things the way I think they should be done. I probably would have sat around today stewing over such crap instead of letting myself be cheered up by the very reasons and people that I’m here serving at this mission. Ashley Davis, get out of the way! God is in control.


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