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What a Day November 22, 2012

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Some days are just worthy of blog posts solely devoted to the day’s events.

This morning, we decided to go first thing to the hospital to get Andrew’s stitches removed. Now Andrew and I had the same conversation more than once about how easy it is to remove stitches, so easy a caveman could do it. I showed him the tiny little scissors I had that would remove them so easily, and told him how I have even removed my own stitches before! But Andrew wasn’t having any of that. He was going to leave it to the same professionals he previously claimed were incompetent after they gave him no instructions on what to do with his wound in the first place. So we get to the hospital and after a very short wait, get called in. The nurse pulls each stitch up slightly with scissors and then cuts them off with a razor blade. As soon as we left the hospital, I told him he should have taken his chances with me versus the nurse with a razor blade… but at least it ended well.

After the hospital, we went with Jessica to find a Christmas tree for us. She starts by telling us this place is a little far away. We were passing all kinds of things. We saw cows running across the countryside, which I have never seen before. We saw a field of sheep, including a black one, which I have also never seen before. After 20 minutes of weaving in and through the mountainside, we pull up to a place that we would have never been able to find on our own. It was essentially a plant nursery with greenery everywhere. It seemed a bit odd to have Christmas trees in a place like this. Jessica asks the guy working there where the Christmas trees are and of course they are sold out. She asks where another Christmas tree place would be and its back to town and then even further on the opposite side of where we were coming from. After much driving, we pull up to another Christmas tree lot. Half the trees were Charlie Brown 3 foot tall trees, half were somewhat regular size. It didn’t look too promising. We kept walking and found another patch of trees that looked a little better. Of course no one was there to assist us so we called the number hand written on a sign. I suppose there was really nothing to stop us from just walking up, sawing down our tree, throwing it in the truck, and driving off. It was a little odd. Nonetheless, we bought our tree for 7,000 colones, or $14 and it was a done deal.

Meanwhile, today is the day that we decorated the mission for Christmas. Andrew and I worked on putting the greenery and lights on the stage upon our return from the Christmas tree adventure. This was a scene out of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We decided to use all white lights for the stage. Of course here, the “white” lights that go out on the strand are apparently replaced with whatever leftover color light bulbs there are. That makes for an interesting time. Andrew plugged the first strand in and all was well. Somewhere along the way of putting up the lights, they all begin flashing… all at different times in different sections. I could not stop laughing at Andrew as he stood there baffled by it all. After it was all said and done, the mission center looks quite fabulous… even with sporadic light show.

The whole day seemed to be going so smoothly. It was a comical day, which is par for the course here, but smooth. When we came upstairs for the day after the kids left, Felicia even surprisingly said that this has been a day where nothing at all has gone wrong. It’s Wednesday, which is discounted movie night so we decided to end the day going to see the new James Bond movie. Yesterday, I was talking with one of the teenage guys here who told me his middle name was Smith… which I didn’t believe for one second. So he said if he could prove it, we had to invite him over for dinner as a bet. I would have never imagined his middle name was legitimately Smith but today he brought his ID for me to see. It’s true. So we gave him the option to come to the movies with us instead since I lost the bet. He of course wanted to go. We all got to the movie theatre about 20 minutes early, bought our tickets, and got in line. We expected them to start taking our tickets about 10 minutes before the start time so we just stood there waiting. Time kept creeping by. Andrew said at one point that it sure would be awful if we were in line for something else. I told him that there weren’t any other showings later than ours on the theatre times website. People kept showing up and getting in line though, even well after the start time. Finally, 40 minutes after the movie was supposed to begin, I decided to go to the front desk and ask what the deal was. I asked the woman why the movie hadn’t started yet. She said it had. I asked why there was still a  long line if it had started. That’s when she tells me that we are in the line for the midnight showing of Twilight. Apparently, we needed to go to the front of the line and go on into our theatre, which would have been impossible to know since we saw no one else bypassing this crazy line. I came back to tell Andrew, Jaikel, and Felicia what the situation was… we all got a good laugh out of that one. There’s always next Wednesday!


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