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48 Day Mystery May 21, 2012

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So in choosing to move to another country with my husband and dog, I’ve also managed to created the world’s longest to-do list and a life of total chaos leading up to moving day. I could probably write 14 blog posts about the miscellaneous loose ends to tie up before we leave, but I will certainly spare everyone from such things.

I share my worries and lists of tasks with family and friends often enough. My most recent moment of panic has been over Mack’s ability to fly with us in July. If it’s above 84 degrees at departure, anytime during the flight, or at arrival, they will not allow him to fly. Need I remind everyone that it is hot hot hot in Miami during the summertime. Nonetheless, a good friend recently told me to stop panicking, God is surely capable of bringing the temperature down a few degrees and all the more glory to Him for making this possible. I thought to myself, either God works it out to where Mack is able to fly with us, or He will provide a backup plan.

I recently scared the crap out of myself by doing a countdown until July 5th, our official departure date, only to realize that we had 48 days left… 48 days?!? Mind you that was last week sometime. There are far too many things to do for there to be a meager 48 days left. Until I check a few more things off my list, there is no way I am checking the countdown again anytime soon. For some reason, when I saw the big 48 in front of me, I was reminded of one of my favorite TV shows – 48 hours mystery. For the longest time, I could not understand why they would name that show 48 hours. Apparently it once focused on showing events occurring within a 48 hour span of time. Far less interesting. Now it covers what has to be months and months when they start to unravel these mysteries. I most enjoy the show when they actually go through the whole trial and give you a verdict. It’s downright cruel to drag someone through an hour of evidence and speculation with no conclusion.

In any event, all of these things ever so slightly remind me of my own 48 day mystery. So many things to pull together, but will we really come to a verdict at the end of all these check lists? Lord I hope so! But in all seriousness, whether every little thing works out the way we expect it to or not, God will work it out in the way that is the most perfect way.


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