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Spanish to our ears! April 24, 2012

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So in our efforts to learn as much Spanish as we can before leaving for CR, Andrew and I have become engulfed in Univision…

Now I’m no linguistics expert, but I think foreign languages can be overwhelming if you don’t acclimate yourself to consistently hearing something other than English. You’ll never know what you don’t understand and what you do understand until you expose yourself to it. If you hear an entire sentence and can pick out the few words you understood, you’re making progress in my book!

We began watching what I call the Spanish channel (though apparently our cable package has muchos Spanish channels) at random and as you can imagine, came across some wildly entertaining soap operas. You can be easily amused whether you understand a lick of the language or not with the unbelievably dramatic and sensational theatrics taking place. Nevertheless, not so much meant for me…

But then we stumbled across what appears to be a Spanish version of America’s Next Top Model or some sort of beauty contest but with competition. I’m not sure how many started in this thing but they’re down to about a dozen remaining. The first episode we watched was a goodie! The girls had to go through a small obstacle course set up like a battle field and report along the way. Some of them were really good! Others, not so much. Andrew and I started watching together but he then decided to read instead. Meanwhile, I am engrossed in the competition… cheering, booing at the judges scores, coaching them from the couch… At one point Andrew turned to me and said “how can you be so into this? You have no idea what they are saying!” That’s hardly true, I’m learning!

Apparently the Spanish America’s Next Top Model show (we still don’t know the real name, so this remains to be our nickname for it) is not Andrew’s cup of tea.

But we have found a show we both are good with, and quite educational/informative too! The nightly news!! News anchors speak such clear and crisp words, albeit fast at times. And the neat part is some of the stories we are already familiar with. Last night they covered the prostitution scandal of Colombia for example. As a sidenote, it’s somewhat funny to me to hear a slew of Spanish and all of a sudden hear a perfectly pronounced proper noun like Wal-Mart thrown in there.

It’s always a good sign to me when one of us understands something completely and rewinds to explain to the other, even better if we both understand! Last night they closed with a one minute bit about a boy who wrote a message on a soccer ball at the time of the tsunamis last year in Asia and the ball made it all the way to the shores of Alaska. At the end of the whole Spanish part, we both just turned to each other and said “oh, that’s really cool!” without even needing to translate piece by piece what was said.


…and a permanent place on the DVR for the nightly news, in español of course!


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